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Seddingtonplantcentre specialises in contemporary horticulture design for event hosting, commercial premises and private residence. We pride ourselves in having an eclectic range of perennial and exotic plants & shrubs to suit any budget.

Seddingtonplantcentre offers plants and trees of premium quality. We can supply any quantity requested by our clients. There are almost no limits in terms of size and shape of the plants.

Seddingtonplantcentre works closely with landscape architects, garden designers and professional gardeners, advising and supplying them with a wide range of mature, premium quality trees and shrubs according to their specification. We are also well placed to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants, property developers, local authorities and corporate event organisers. The specialist garden centre, located at Sandy, Bedfordshire, also sells to general public. 

We undertake

  • delivery*
  • planting
  • consultation
  • landschaft design
  • landscaping
  • hiring services
  • watering irrigation system
  • maintenance

We are absolutely committed and will do our best to ensure that the plants will be delivered to you with utmost care. All our plants are subjected to strictest quality controls before delivery.

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to offer any guarantee on the plants after delivery.