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Seddingtonplantcentre introduces high-quality plants, shrubs and trees to suit the most diverse habitats and requirements.

Whilst maintaining our own flair and independence, our association with carefully chosen top quality suppliers provides confidence that the foundation of our business is well rooted and gives us the platform to showcase unique and exotic arboreal collections from the world’s leading horticulture suppliers


Wholesale and Retail

Green Garden Park specialises in contemporary horticulture design for event hosting commercial premises and private residence...


High-quality plants

The range of plants can be optionally expanded according to the requirements of the customers, landschape architects ...

What we do by photos

Wherever you wish to create a special atmosphere, unique plants from Green Garden Park are in the right place.

Masterpiece collection

In addition to the wide range of naturally-grown trees, Green Garden Park offers a large selection of spectacular solitaires.

Seddingtonplantcentreintroduces high-quality plants, shrubs and trees that can be found growing all across Europe to suit the most diverse habitats and requirements